Elizabeth Cady Stanton Residency

Through lecture and performance, from the podium and the stage, Dr. Wagner, in a two-day residency, brings forward the stories of the suffragists and the Native women who influenced them in their struggle for equality. And through her scholarship, local history is included in the design of each residency.

The residencies are uniquely configured to local interest but generally include a classroom lecture, a public lecture and an Elizabeth Cady Stanton performance. In addition Dr. Wagner is available to meet informally with faculty and students.

Information about Dr. Wagner’s residencies is available by contacting her booking representative Barbara DeanMSBPD@aol.com.

What People Say … about Sally Roesch Wagner’s residencies

As a Distinguished Visiting Professor … you were exemplary. The time you spent here provided precisely the kind of exchange for which the … program was established. State University of New York, Plattsburgh

Class visits were terrific, lecture was a full house (including our President). Four of our faculty are incorporating Dr. Wagner’s scholarship into their own work. Several new projects sparked from the faculty interaction with her … thank you so much. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students and faculty. State University of New York, Potsdam

Sally was very accessible—meeting students and other audience members at their level of understanding. Students commented on her generosity. They were impressed by her gift of challenging and provoking students without putting them off. Mansfield University, PA

Accolades continue to come in from students and colleagues … you dared to make everyone think! … grateful you shared your concepts, your humor, and your pleasure of history with us. We have grown from your presence. Delta College, Stockton CA

Moving and enlightening as a dramatist and as a discussion leader … the evaluation forms filled out by attendees were stunning! Salem College, North Carolina

… captivated and enlightened the audience. Her choice of material elicited excellent questions from the audience.University of North Dakota

… you cannot help but think that you have stepped back in time or that the characters have come forward—time as we know it is suspended … I feel renewed and empowered and proud to have women such as these in my past.Loyola University, New Orleans, LA